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COVID 19 Guidlines for classes:

Classes conintue with certain safety considerations regarding COVID 19.

Class sizes will be limited for Social Distancing and Students should bring a facemask to class.  Students should not attend class if they have COVID symptoms including a temperature of greater than 100.4 degrees F or have tested positive in the past 10 days.  Hand sanitizer will be provided during class as well.

Illinois Concealed Carry Law

Curious about Concealed Carry in Illinois?  Click here to find your answers.

Gun Law Changes Across the Country in 2023

Several gun laws have changed througout the country in 2023 and Illinois is no exception.  In the last 2 years changes to the FOID Act, signing of House Bill 5471 or the Protect Illinois Communites Act have impacted gun owners throughout the State.  The USCCA offers a good look at summary information throughout the country, including Illinois.  Please click on the link and learn more.  

Important Gun Law Changes in 2023 | USCCA (usconcealedcarry.com)

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Northwest Illinois Firearms Instruction

Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: 815 541-1197

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for 16 hour, 8 hour and Renewal classes.  Contact us at nwifi30@gmail.com for pricing.

What's New


New Classes AVailable! Firearm Home Defense , Women's Basic and Advanced Firearms Training, Countering the Mass Shooter for Business- Churches- and the Community, and First Aid Fundementals.


The Illinois class is also Florida compliant.

Illinois State Police CCL/FOID Application, FAQ's and Other Information


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