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NWIFI Northwest Illinois Firearms InstructionIllinois Concealed Carry Class

About Us


NWIFI or Northwest Illinois Firearm Instruction is a locally owned and operated company in Freeport, Illinois dedicated to providing a comprehensive Illinois permit to carry class anywhere in the State.

NWIFI has been approved by the Illinois State Police and follows the standards of the NACFI, National Association of Certified Firearms Instructors,  and believes in providing a “no corners cut” class to educate those interested in becoming an armed citizen in the State of Illinois.

Doug Toepfer, NWIFI Owner and Instructor is fully insured as a licensed instructor.


Who is NACFI?


After creating the Permit to Carry Course and writing our textbook Everything you need to know about legally carrying a Handgun in Minnesota in 2003, it set the bar. Other instructors immediately copied the course but like art, a copy is still a copy.

For fourteen years NACFI has focused on continual improvement and we have       synthesized our material into ready to use instruction. You will also have the best, newest book written about carrying a firearm in Illinois as your personal reference.

NACFI instructors have trained over 45,000 clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri. Many have returned for additional training. Our instructors and clients have provided us with an outstanding reputation in the permit to carry training marketplace.

NACFI has developed an up to date Illinois permit to carry course and it reflects our latest research regarding training. Permit renewal clients especially appreciate our course after attending others.


    To learn more about NACFI: www.NACFI.us


Where to Find Us:


Northwest Illinois Firearms Instruction

Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: 815 541-1197

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for 16 hour, 8 hour and Renewal classes.  Contact us at nwifi30@gmail.com for pricing.

What's New


New Classes AVailable! Firearm Home Defense , Women's Basic and Advanced Firearms Training, Countering the Mass Shooter for Business- Churches- and the Community, and First Aid Fundementals.


The Illinois class is also Florida compliant.

Illinois State Police CCL/FOID Application, FAQ's and Other Information


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