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Illinois Concealed Carry Training with NWIFI



Permit to carry concealed training

Learn how to survive an attack


Å Physically

Å Morally

Å Legally

Å Financially

What does training require

Å Expect to spend 14 hours* in the classroom learning the necessary legal, safety and practical aspects of carrying a handgun for self-defense.

Å Expect to spend between 30 to 60 minutes on the range depending on your level of handgun experience. Range qualification may need to be done at a separate time or location   NACFI instructors want you to leave understanding handgun safety, shooting accurately, and with a sense of poise and confidence.

Å We generally recommend that you come to the Permit to Carry Course with some handgun experience. If you lack handgun experienced, we can provide private training in the safe use and accurate shooting of a handgun.

What you will learn – Permit to Carry


¨ Conflict Avoidance


¨ The Law of Use and Threat of Deadly Force


¨ The Human Target


¨ Insuring a DGU


¨ Using Deadly Force


¨ Lethal Force & Its Aftermath


¨ Everyday Police Encounters


¨ Choosing a Handgun for Carry


¨ Mechanics of Everyday Carry


¨ Legalities of Illinois Carry


¨ Out of State Travel


¨ Firearms Safety


¨ Gun Sizing


¨ Shooting Techniques


¨ Qualification Exercise


 * 14 hours of classroom is average for the 2 day class.  Those only needing 8 hours of training will spend about 7 hours in the classroom environment.

Where to Find Us:


Northwest Illinois Firearms Instruction

Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: 815 541-1197

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for 16 hour, 8 hour and Renewal classes.  Contact us at nwifi30@gmail.com for pricing.

What's New


New Classes AVailable! Firearm Home Defense , Women's Basic and Advanced Firearms Training, Countering the Mass Shooter for Business- Churches- and the Community, and First Aid Fundementals.


The Illinois class is also Florida compliant.

Illinois State Police CCL/FOID Application, FAQ's and Other Information


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